Participated [verb]

Definition of Participated:

take part in activity

Opposite/Antonyms of Participated:

Sentence/Example of Participated:

The smiles which surrounded him were of his own creation, and he participated in the happiness he had bestowed.

This war was participated in by no less than seventy-seven cities on the part of the League.

He reproached himself for the death of the girl as for a crime in which he had participated.

Not one of those who participated in it can forget it to his dying day.

He participated in every phase of school life and was devoted to athletics.

She saw my agitation; she participated in, and increased it.

I have participated in convivial scenes more than once in Boston.

That they participated in the crime of Ravaillac could never be proved.

Fauna was the wife of Faunus, and participated in his functions.

Some of the charges were terrific, and will ever be remembered by those who participated in them.