Particularities [noun]

Definition of Particularities:


Opposite/Antonyms of Particularities:

Sentence/Example of Particularities:

Generality important in the subject, particularity in the predicate.information.

At school, too, Markham's conversation had a particularity known to distinguish it.

But it was plain that he failed to note her appearance with any degree of particularity.

His particularity in little things has often been commented on.

I do not mean to dwell with particularity on the details of my experience.

Into this subject, it behoves us to enter with some particularity.

In Him there is no plurality, diversity or any particularity whatever.

Then I related, with some particularity, the facts in the case, already known to the reader.

But, to tell the truth, he scarcely seemed to notice her at all with any particularity.

The subject is too delicate to be treated here, with any degree of particularity.