Particulars [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Particulars:

Then she said she must return, but Ambrose would bring him all particulars.

Here, then, were the particulars of the plan of his escape settled upon.

Mr. Trant now called the Scourges aft, and asked more of the particulars.

The subject is curious and interesting; we may, therefore, enter into some particulars.

Max went on, anxious to hear some of the particulars of what had happened.

You have heard all the particulars of that affair, and a black affair it is.

Particulars of a great contest with her mother, on their correspondence.

But will you send the particulars of this meeting to the Argus without giving me away?'

He has told you that he has given me all the particulars about the mines, hasn't he?'

You will see, by—and—by, why I am obliged to mention all these particulars.