Parties [noun]

Definition of Parties:

social gathering

Synonyms of Parties:

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Sentence/Example of Parties:

By the law of God it could not be so annulled as to permit of the re-marriage of the parties.

The challenge was accepted, and the parties met on the following day.

Your applying, however, to Reginald can be productive only of good to all parties.

He had tried to please all parties, and by no means succeeded.

The expression of our faces let the parties into the secret of what was going on.

All parties and sects had, as they thought, grounds of complaint against him.

Men of all parties enjoyed his wit and graceful conversation.

Leave these to parties contending for office, as the "spoils of victory."

He joined their parties by day, and his evenings were spent with them as of old.

They could not sleep while the fairies were having their parties.