Partitions [noun]

Definition of Partitions:

divider, division

Synonyms of Partitions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Partitions:

Sentence/Example of Partitions:

Here is the partition at my ear down in the deep on the lee side.

All this time he stood on the other side of the partition and prayed.

There was complete silence on the other side of the partition.

However, one evening in January she knocked with both her fists against the partition.

I would have shot you that day through the partition, but unfortunately you were not there.

A company of men gossiped at the other side of the partition.

He had witnessed the downfall of Pitt and the partition of Poland.

She went to the partition door, opened it and peeped into her father's room.

Rumours of partition have reached us from the great Cabinets.

They could, however, look through the partition and see what there was within.