Partners [noun]

Definition of Partners:

person who takes part with another

Synonyms of Partners:

Opposite/Antonyms of Partners:

Sentence/Example of Partners:

Well, as I was saying, the camping company consists of two partners.

The young Arab spoke to the boards as though they were partners in his iniquity.

One condition of friendship is that the partners in it should be known to each other.

His own partners would be torn from him, and turned out upon the world.

It was certainly true that she had seen changes of partners.

"One thing sure, I like you well enough to be partners with you," Pee-wee said.

I just got back this morning,' he added, turning to his partners.

Perhaps, as you say, he has been guilty of something worse, and has cheated his partners.

Besides, as we are partners with Longworth in this, and as he is going away on account of the mine.

Why the partners were willing to take so small a sum was later explained by Miller.