Partnerships [noun]

Definition of Partnerships:

alliance; participation

Opposite/Antonyms of Partnerships:

Sentence/Example of Partnerships:

It seems a strange book, I must say, to consult for a law of partnerships.

But, of all partnerships, the most useful and convenient is the one that we have made together.

If that is right, why shouldn't we kinder go into partnerships for a short period?

He sketched briefly the New York rulings on partnerships, and sat down.

But these Partnerships have not been confined to Gaming-Houses alone.

Singly they went, in groups, and by partnerships of two and three.

A lot of these old Arizona partnerships were made just that way.

What cases of association are here mentioned that are not partnerships?

And we have strengthened our partnerships and our friendships in the Far East.

"Partnerships don't always turn out well," William said reflectively.