Parts [noun]

Definition of Parts:

piece, portion of something

Synonyms of Parts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parts:

Sentence/Example of Parts:

In most parts of Mesopotamia it was understood as readily as the native tongue.

The mails, unless repelled, will continue to be furnished in all parts of the Union.

The movements of a great nation are connected in all their parts.

Telegrams of inquiry and sympathy came from all parts of the world to the Castle.

In Glasgow and other parts of the country there were serious riots.

I was rather at a loss for names of reference to these parts.

But the lull in the music had started conversation in other parts of the room.

You good ladies must make up your minds to keep away from these parts for a while.

"They are very quick in these parts," said Ford, turning to Alleyne.

Meanwhile there had been bustle and preparation in all parts of the great vessel.