Parturient [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Parturient:

It is called dropping after calving, from its following the parturient state.

There was some laughing at the parturient mountain and the still-born mouse, but a graver cheerfulness was the reigning emotion.

Parturient women under such circumstances occasionally succumb to the typhoid condition into which they are thrown.

It must be confessed that they have not wholly escaped the fate that is apt to befall the progeny of parturient mountains.

The foal rarely survives four hours after the onset of parturient throes.

Hippocrates agrees with Aristotle, and pronounces it a great relief to parturient women.

No human being, save a pregnant or parturient woman, is susceptible to the poison.

This might be done by the force of certain external conditions operating upon the parturient system.

Parturient women prepare to exert their muscles to the utmost in order to relieve their sufferings.

Applied to the breasts of parturient women it dries up the milk and in the same way tends to reduce any glandular enlargement.