Parvenu [noun]

Definition of Parvenu:

newly rich

Synonyms of Parvenu:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parvenu:


Sentence/Example of Parvenu:

And he, son of a parvenu, led the life of a rich, elegant idler.

The fellow will detect me for a "parvenu" long before we reach Malaga!

It is the repose and not the struggle of the parvenu that confounds us.

It is alike the passion of the parvenu and the pride of the aristocrat.

In a word, putting one in mind of the parvenu in the ‘Walpurgis Nacht.’

In spite of his imagination and his wit, he has the awkwardness of a parvenu or a savage.

But this luxury was in bad taste, and smelled of the parvenu.

Yes, you have a parvenu's presumptuousness somewhere about you.

It is not a parvenu; it is of ancient date, for Aristotle mentions it.

I am a parvenu's daughter, or a conqueror's daughter, it's all the same.