Pash [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pash:

He wouldn't, but said he'd placed a lot of pawned things with Pash, and I could have them.

"You put Hurd up to this," foamed Pash, hardly able to speak.

He ran errands for Pash before he became regularly employed.

"Mr. Pash knows very well that Tray accuses him of the crime," he said.

He told me he had given the brooch to Pash, and that it was in the inner office.

Pash remained quiet for, at all events, the next four-and-twenty hours.

My mother was talking to Pash within and I chatted to Tray outside.

"I don't know it," said Pash, as Paul closed the door and returned to his seat.

Pash can prove that you were in his office and took the brooch left by Tray from the table.

Pash shrugged his shoulders and put his feet on the rungs of his chair.