Pashas [noun]

Definition of Pashas:

historically, person who ruled an area

Synonyms of Pashas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pashas:

Sentence/Example of Pashas:

But the appearance of the Pasha is not without its attendant state.

This is attributed to the reluctance to be soldiers for the glory of the Pasha.

The horse was killed; the man is now a bey in the Pasha's service.

In the citadel is also a mosque, now building by the order of the Pasha.

The Pasha, however, has not gone out as he intended yesterday.

It seems to me more than probable that the Pasha does not intend to return.

This shews the Pasha is still anxious about the steam communication.

He, however, goes to the old Pasha Daoud every day for instructions.

The Pasha also seems perfectly indifferent to hoarding money.

To this end, the Pasha has granted them thirty miles of land on the banks of the river.