Passageway [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Passageway:

He pointed to the one that gave on the passageway against which he had set the chair tilted.

At the end of the passageway, facing him, was the master room.

Every moment Madden expected a rush of sea water down the passageway.

Then we entered the car, rose to the top of the passageway, and discovered you.

Beyond it the passageway was alive with crowding red figures.

Without a word we followed him, out through the door and down the passageway.

He cornered him at the end of a passageway and pinned him against the wall.

They arose, to find their legs stiff from the dampness of the passageway.

The passageway was not over six feet in height and from three to four feet wide.

Then I heard a heavy step in the passageway outside, and then a lighter one.