Passenger [noun]

Definition of Passenger:

person who rides in vehicle conducted by another

Synonyms of Passenger:

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Sentence/Example of Passenger:

Half fearfully I look at my passenger, but he is a black man.

I was put on board as a passenger, and we sailed about a week after the ship got in from London.

We had a passenger, who passed for some revolutionary man, who also landed secretly.

She was the only passenger in the diligence, and the door was locked.

As he walked up the deck, he saw there was one passenger who had been earlier than himself.

I am a passenger on board this ship, and am supposed to be under the protection of its captain.

There is no record, however, of any passenger by the name of Martin Grey.

The passenger on his right was a girl—red-haired and undeniably attractive.

Ken locked the controls and scrambled back into the passenger compartment.

The passenger smiled, but there was a dreamy look in his gray eyes.