Passer [adjective]

Definition of Passer:


Opposite/Antonyms of Passer:

Sentence/Example of Passer:

"I'll butt the passer," said the goat, as he helped him over the fence.

But now and then some passer murmured to himself: "Looks lonely sitting there."

He was a delayer also and, in poker patois, a passer of the buck.

My new anchor was lying on the quay, and I could hear the comments of every passer by.

Such a tree is the natural rest and lookout for every passer.

Why is the land undone, burnt up like the prairie, without a passer by?

Then the cord is pulled and they lie where they fall, till they are buried by the first passer by.

The islands waved common-code signals of greeting to the passer.

The tree screened her from the eyes of any passer on the other side.

The road was lonely, and after nightfall at this time of the year there was often not a passer for hours.