Passersby [noun]

Definition of Passersby:

person traveling on foot

Synonyms of Passersby:

Opposite/Antonyms of Passersby:


Sentence/Example of Passersby:

The boat excited the jeers of passersby, who called it "Fulton's Folly."

Out of the crowd of passersby I pick the perfect and unconscious rosebud.

He was so impassioned that passersby began to observe them curiously.

In addition, the passersby observed us with the utmost astonishment.

There was no hope of drawing the attention of passersby to his situation.

They hear only pleasant and complimentary remarks from passersby.

Passersby went on their way, smiling indulgently at the antics of the students.

The front door went up a step from off this rough pavement, where the feet of the passersby rasped and clattered.

A colossal randoe tree was blown across a public highway, striking two passersby; they were taken from under it ground to pieces.

He might never see the man again, and whatever he did must be as plain to all passersby as had been the other's performance.