Passes [noun]

Definition of Passes:

opening through solid

Synonyms of Passes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Passes:

Sentence/Example of Passes:

If he said or did anything, there was no appeal; that was settled, let us pass to something else.

"Let that pass, sir," continued the stranger, with a bitter smile.

He will pass to the dark realm of nothingness, but will not find me there.

Austin, being nearest the door, opened it for the ladies to pass out.

It is difficult for me to fix positively the breadth of this Pass.

They pass up the church-aisle, and raise their eyes to the ceiling.

It was but a few steps, and she knew almost every house she had to pass.

Could this be all the obstruction I was prepared to open a pass through?

Height above the sea, of the Pass, 1458 feet;—of this camp, 1256 feet.

That we pass out of this phase of being as we came into it, for Growth.