Passive [adjective]

Definition of Passive:

lifeless, inactive

Opposite/Antonyms of Passive:

Sentence/Example of Passive:

When he was at an end of the reading, he regarded the passive woman at the desk with a new respect.

Passive, patient, long-suffering she had been the while the mortifications and slights were for herself.

And there was a passive congeniality between them, besides this active one.

We ask for nothing but passive co-operation--that is, a free passage for our troops.

Similarly, the association of ideas is passive, and in consequence is a kind of passion.

Memory is passive, and consequently memory is a species of passion.

But had he not been passive, as you call it, what would you have done to Mr. Solmes?

With her speaking to him, he became as passive as the clay she moulded.

In the whole of this transaction the Moravians were passive and unresisting.

Madame Raquin remained huddled up and passive like a bundle of linen.