Pasted [noun]

Definition of Pasted:

glue, adhesive

Synonyms of Pasted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pasted:


Sentence/Example of Pasted:

What may be done with bits of paste not utilized in making pies?

When éclairs are desired, make the paste as for cream puffs.

Butter a deep dish, and line the bottom and sides of it with paste.

If wrapped in paste, it will not be done in less than five hours.

Butter the sides of a pot, and line them with paste nearly to the top.

Lay a lid of paste all over the top, leaving a hole in the middle.

Notch and ornament it handsomely with leaves and flowers of paste.

Mix the whole together, and pound it to a paste in a marble mortar.

Notch the edges handsomely, and put a paste flower in the centre.

If it is too hot, the paste will bake before it has risen sufficiently.