Pastel [adjective]

Definition of Pastel:

muted in color

Synonyms of Pastel:

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Sentence/Example of Pastel:

This was painted from life in pastel, by William Williams, at Philadelphia in 1794.

The tunnel entrance glowed with the pastel radiance from the rocks.

It was all right if you shut your eyes, for Miriam wasn't what you'd call a pastel.

Fields fled beneath them, looking like a crazy-quilt in pastel.

A pastel that I have just begun—the portrait of the Princesse de Ponteve.

They indulged in pastel shades and frills which were used in fantastic ways.

He was a pupil of Devosge and Greuze, and also painted in pastel.

No etchings were made, though we believe he did a water-colour or pastel.

There is a spontaneousness about them we search for in vain in his work in oil and pastel.

He worked to the very last, and sent some pastel heads to the Salon of 1779.