Pastiches [noun]

Definition of Pastiches:

work of art formed from disparate sources

Synonyms of Pastiches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pastiches:

Sentence/Example of Pastiches:

It is an interesting study to divide the pastiche from the real.

If it bear the distinct marks of being a Neo-platonic pastiche, we may reject it without hesitation.

Epstein is in every respect superior to the Serbian sculptor, in whose work there can be no question of anything but pastiche.

I believe that no more perfect example of pastiche exists in the language.

This poem is written as a folk-story, in the style of the Byliny, and it in no way resembles a pastiche.

Though in many respects a Chaucerian pastiche, it not rarely equals its model in verbal and metrical felicity.