Pastilles [noun]

Definition of Pastilles:

medicated lozenge

Synonyms of Pastilles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pastilles:


Sentence/Example of Pastilles:

Those mosquitoes have paid you out for that pastille—by Jove, they have!

Perhaps he exhales a delicate scent, as he chews a pastille.

A pastille (lozenge) is a disc-shaped sweetmeat, but a pastel (crayon) is a pencil made of coloured chalk.

There was, even on the little stone staircase, a faint odour of pastille or scent spray, or something of feminine suggestion.

But upon Oswald De Gex, who was still munching his pastille, the odour apparently had no effect.

It seemed as though some pastille were burning somewhere, for soon it became almost sickening, an odour utterly overbearing.

Scenes taken from mythology were done in what was known as "pastille," composition work raised and painted on a gold background.

The pastille produced its effect; the poet felt a sudden inspiration, left the hall and flew to compose the projected satire.

The pastille fizzes, and begins to emit a dense white smoke, and a suffocating odour.