Pastorate [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pastorate:

But of such difficulties the record of his pastorate gives no indication.

That is to say, the Christian Ministry is above all things a pastorate.

It was one Sunday evening, shortly after he had assumed the pastorate of the church.

He came out from Holland in 1677 and returned to a pastorate there in 1685.

But humility is not a grace of the pulpit and the pastorate only.

It is a primary duty of the busy but patient work of the pastorate.

He insisted on his father's return to his pastorate—which he did at the end of the week.

When my father returned from the funeral he resigned his pastorate.

After the close of my pastorate in Kensington, Ealing became my home.

This pastorate he held for thirty-two years, till the day of his death.