Pasturing [adjective]

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Pasturing is the principal occupation of the people in rural districts.

The pasturing of orchards is often defensible and sometimes even desirable.

He said, "I am looking for my brothers; tell me, I beg of you, where they are pasturing the flock."

He wanted to use the lot very much, for he was short of pasturing on his own farm.

He paced the meadows, and patted the three pasturing steeds.

The sons of Jacob had been pasturing their flocks near there.

Fires have scarred the sides, and pasturing has robbed it of flowers and verdure.

But it was her pasturing, so to speak, in Lancashire, which brought it up to fruition.

Pasturing of cattle is prohibited along the entire Karwendel range.

The old moose, at her pasturing behind the rock, heard it too.