Pasty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Pasty:

I had forgot the pasty, and it will be as scorched as Judas Iscariot!

To prepare venison for pasty, take out all the bones, beat and season the meat, and lay it into a stone jar in large pieces.

"You have the friar to thank for it," said he, in a muffled voice, for his mouth was crammed with pasty.

It was fleshy and pasty, and it belonged, of course, to Gerda's lovable brother Ed.

"Certainly," agreed the stranger, with his mouth full of pasty.

I hated her the moment I saw her face, it was so white and pasty; and she wasn't at all interesting.

I glanced at him, and saw that his face was of a pasty white and gleaming with perspiration.

Milburgh's lips were quivering with fear and his face was a pasty grey.

There it was for her, let her take it if she would, or leave it if she would; and I set the jug down by the pasty.

Fortune was kinder here and rewarded me with a pasty, half-eaten, and a jug of ale.