Patella [noun]

Definition of Patella:

body part

Synonyms of Patella:

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Sentence/Example of Patella:

There's a medical paper with a piece in it all about my patella.

That the patella and articular surface of the femur are healthy.

Exit, about centre of patella, which latter was cleanly perforated.

The palpi (fig. 206) have the femora black and the patella white.

The tarsus is small and narrow, not as long as the patella and tibia.

The patella and tibia together are nearly as long as the femur.

The patella and tibia are together about as long as the femur.

The third and fourth legs have the femur and patella orange.

The patella is well developed, and so too are the fabellae as a general rule.

Patella Vulgaris; (a) palate, natural size; (b, c) Ditto, enlarged.