Patently [adverb]

Definition of Patently:


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Sentence/Example of Patently:

The Queen, for patently she was that, bowed graciously at us.

Nevertheless, his gratitude was well-expressed and patently sincere.

Yet the man had been frank, straightforward, patently honest.

Patently he was not the speaker, and patently he has heard nothing.

But "the boys" were not inclined to compromise with a man who was patently in the wrong.

She had taken her own stand and the world had patently respected it.

The man was patently the Puritan prisoner, the woman was the chatelaine of Harby.

Gordon, patently indignant, replied that the General never bit.

But the brain behind it was patently jarred and numbed for an instant.

And secondly, because the Queen is—patently and to all people—proved lewd.'