Paterfamilias [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Paterfamilias:

Mr. Schmuck was an excellent "paterfamilias," and took great care of children.

It is the distribution that must be looked to; it is the paterfamilias that is wanting in the State.

Well,” said I, “it was either the Lewis gun or Paterfamilias the grim.

This self-indulgence on your part, my dear Paterfamilias, is weak, vain—not to say culpable.

It is the first labour of every governing man, from Paterfamilias to Dominus Rex.

But to Paterfamilias these are all the joys or sorrows of another world.

"Something for you, Laura," said Paterfamilias, as he threw a letter into her lap.

Paterfamilias is afraid the young men will pay attention to his daughters.

The writer—to do him justice—did not sign himself "Paterfamilias."

And the City of Rome stood to its citizens in the place of the paterfamilias.