Pathless [adjective]

Definition of Pathless:


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Sentence/Example of Pathless:

The dreary vacuity of weakness is like a wide and pathless waste.

In the midst of the bleak expanse of pathless waste I was the sign-post.

All around were the mountains, heavily timbered, bold and pathless.

I rambled again in the pathless woods with my rifle on my shoulder.

He was more than their equal in his skill in traversing the pathless forest.

Byron in Childe Harold sings: "There is a pleasure in the pathless woods."

There were acres of bushes beyond, thick and pathless, all theirs to choose from.

Between Rede and Tyne is a pathless solitude of moor and fell.

The lonely and pathless plains thrilled him, and he became a ranchman.

They were miles asunder; a desert, a pathless waste, lay between them.