Pathological [adjective]

Definition of Pathological:

healing; pertaining to disease

Synonyms of Pathological:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pathological:


Sentence/Example of Pathological:

Accentuated forms of pathological masochism are, however, rare in women.

It can hardly be assumed that all these women have a pathological heredity.

There is a small group of pathological conditions, however, in which this is not the case.

Other methods, however, may supplement the pathological one.

He liked and admired Sumner, but thought his mind a pathological study.

Does your hero's achievement go in the pathological or the moral direction?

This man presents rather a pathological than a historical problem.

Clinical and Pathological Observations in India, pp. 44, 325.

In this way they have provided the pathological theory with most of its facts.

Being in love is, as just indicated, a pathological, morbid phenomenon.