Pathos [noun]

Definition of Pathos:

deep sadness

Synonyms of Pathos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pathos:





Sentence/Example of Pathos:

Into these last words there crept the pathos of one who knew.

They have left here the marks of tragedy, of pathos, or of joy.

Our disaster was too awful, and the pathos of that solitary survivor too piercing.

The poem is full of pathos and humour; full of beauty and grandeur, earnestness and truth.

Her beautiful eyes, so full of pathos, so full of remorse, looked straight into his.

It was the pathos of Meg herself—not the fact that she had to work—that appealed to Miles.

"Forgive me," she said, and there was a strain of pathos in her voice.

The element of comicality in this aspect of war is greatly outweighed by that of pathos.

Surely that is a lovely story, full of real sweetness and pathos.

The pathos of the situation and the Eironeia at its maximum.