Patients [noun]

Definition of Patients:

person being treated for medical problem

Synonyms of Patients:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patients:


Sentence/Example of Patients:

The other patients avoid her, and it was some time before I noticed it.

We are channels through which truth must flow to our patients.

My husband was a doctor, and I often went with him to see his patients.

You will be asked for some, for I feel anxious about some of the patients.

Some other patients, whom one could not think of removing, also remained in the carriage.

I cannot get a horse out, and have two patients dangerously ill.

For kindness to his patients and friends he had no superior.

The elected physicians are not allowed to receive any payment whatever from their patients.

Several of the patients saw him, and gazed curiously at the boy.

It was only built last year, but some of the patients have been with the doctor a long time.