Patio [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Patio:

It was twilight when the body was brought down from the upper room to the patio.

It was a strange procession which then passed out of the patio.

He rose up and fled out of the patio into his own room, to bury his swimming face.

Quaking, reeling, almost falling, she came tottering down the patio.

When Ben Aboo came to himself the patio was aglow with flames.

Ben Aboo had tried to follow them, but he had been killed in the alcove of the patio.

He found him alone in the patio, pacing to and fro, his head sunk on his breast.

Upon this patio the several stories open, each with a line of balcony.

Voices and the clank of chains were heard in the patio, and then in the next room.

Rotil entered the sala from the patio, and stood just inside, looking about him.