Patriarchal [adjective]

Definition of Patriarchal:

having the quality or nature of a parent

Synonyms of Patriarchal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patriarchal:


Sentence/Example of Patriarchal:

She, too, seems determined to make me the patriarchal leader of a band.

Existing marriage is a pernicious survival of the patriarchal age.

It is a part of the patriarchal custom which regards women as property.

It was the portrait of an old man with a beautiful forehead and a patriarchal face.

I had never before and have never since seen such a patriarchal figure.

He gave us our patriarchal Constitution, and it is a fine thing.

Their priesthood—if it can be called a priesthood—is patriarchal.

He was a heavy man with a patriarchal white beard, and of imposing stature.

But that patriarchal old tub, like some saintly retreat, echoed nothing of it.

He has a long white beard of the kind described as patriarchal.