Patriarchs [noun]

Definition of Patriarchs:

male head

Synonyms of Patriarchs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patriarchs:

Sentence/Example of Patriarchs:

They wish to celebrate the patriarch's birthday by a festival.

Uncas took the scout by the hand, and led him to the feet of the patriarch.

Patriarch was the name which many people delighted to give him.

The Patriarch insisted on his staying to dinner, and Flora signalled 'Yes!'

"Fine day," chirped the patriarch in well-meant friendliness.

He persecuted Vigilius: he deposed his own patriarch Eutychius.

The Masons and the Patriarch of the Maronites are certainly more certain.

The Patriarch then sent him to a Seminary; he was to become a priest, my son.

Cephalus, the patriarch of the house, has been appropriately engaged in offering a sacrifice.

He has friends and influence—the Patriarch of Lisbon and many of the nobility will be on his side.