Patrimonial [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Patrimonial:

Probably her own patrimonial resources will preserve her from indigence.

I had patrimonial wealth in Apulia; I had kindred; I had friends.

In his solitude, anxieties about his patrimonial property added to the sorrows of the exile.

It must also be remembered that Donald Cameron was at this time only nominally the proprietor of the patrimonial estates.

Several colonies were sent out from his monastery, which was built on his patrimonial estate near Montpellier.

Mr. Esmond called his American house Castlewood, from the patrimonial home in the old country.

The five hundred pounds withdrawn from his patrimonial inheritance had multiplied into thousands.

He preferred to reside on his own patrimonial estate of Gravarna, where, for many years, he exercised a princely hospitality.

They spent a year in traveling over the eastern continent, and then returned home to settle upon their patrimonial estates.

Thus “expenditure” really represents a patrimonial improvement, a creation of credit or a decrease of indebtedness.