Patrimony [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Patrimony:

One of them, the former probably, was the patrimony of Llywarch Hen.

Still, fate can rob us of our patrimony, she replied, after a pause.

“Of that patrimony I now have thirteen cents left,” Don continued.

But I have lost all my patrimony, and I will accept nothing.

Within a day or so he came to consult me about a mortgage on his patrimony.

I only wish I didn't have to put all my patrimony into Madame Tancredi's pocket.

The great bell was taken to Novgorod, and Vassili visited "his patrimony."

Ivan demanded tribute for Iourief which he claimed as his "patrimony."

In 1872 Field received $8,000, the first portion of his patrimony.

She spent most of her patrimony in giving and lending to needy ones.