Patriotism [noun]

Definition of Patriotism:

love of one's country

Synonyms of Patriotism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patriotism:


Sentence/Example of Patriotism:

His wisdom and patriotism will become henceforth conspicuous.

I thank him publicly for his companionship and his patriotism.

The note of patriotism righted me and I looked a third time.

He came forward from the throng; his eyes glistened with the fire of patriotism.

Patriotism with them was rather a subject for eloquence than use.

Wadsworth never fails where honor and patriotism are to be sustained.

There seemed to Henry to be in that, all that there was in patriotism.

He thought of patriotism and love of country much as did Dr. Price.

Our patriotism is humiliated, but we cannot afford to be cheated.

They have no sense of patriotism, like the upper classes; they simply want what we've got.