Patriots [noun]

Definition of Patriots:

person who loves his or her country

Synonyms of Patriots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patriots:

Sentence/Example of Patriots:

At length the most daring of the "patriots" emitted a tentative hiss.

The Patriots intended no rebellion, and they experienced no apprehension.

The Patriots, Bernard says in this letter, did not experience this agitation.

And I am pleased because I was able to free the patriots from the prison-ship.

Deivyr and Bryneich were now opposed to the British patriots.

This is a brilliant victory of the patriots over their enemies.

He knew the jargon of Liberty, the tune that set the patriots a-dancing.

This was the day which Massachusetts now celebrates as Patriots' Day.

Why, in doing what we are now we are acting as patriots, not as common burglars.

Only, in this country, it seems they kill their own patriots.