Patrolling [verb]

Definition of Patrolling:

guard, protect

Synonyms of Patrolling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patrolling:

Sentence/Example of Patrolling:

I have been patrolling this road since noon to-day waiting for you.

Thus only can she hope to escape Tardivet's men that are patrolling the road from France.

We are spending our time mostly in foraging, scouting, and patrolling.

Constables of the Mounted Police were patrolling the streets.

Then there is the provost guard, patrolling the streets of Gibraltar.

It was the voice of my wife, who was patrolling Folkestone in the hope of meeting us.

Moya, patrolling the willow walk in front of the Lodge, took this in with a chuckle.

We have half the Royal Navy out now, patrolling our trade-planets.

He spent the rest of the afternoon in patrolling a road at the other end of Ballymoy.

He and his men had been patrolling the lane as they had been ordered.