Patronage [noun]

Definition of Patronage:

support of a cause

Synonyms of Patronage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patronage:

Sentence/Example of Patronage:

His patronage was therefore necessarily withdrawn from Mr. Gladstone.

The little friar, encouraged by this patronage, found his voice, and pleaded for mercy.

There was a wonderful air of benignity and patronage in his manner.

I am deeply obliged to you for your encouragement and patronage, but it was papa who asked for it.

These disappointments of her patronage were a sharp retort, and made me feel independent.

And there must be in it no touch of condescension, no shadow of patronage.

His manner was not entirely free from a suggestion of patronage.

Your lordship's patronage is the strength of my hopes; nor have I yet applied to anybody else.

I gave them any amount of patronage, and they turned on me and wanted me to pay for it.

I wished to remain, in the eyes of the public, deserving of its patronage.