Patronizing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Patronizing:

Jacques patronizing the fool, is one of the rarest shows of self-ignorance.

Stella was very kind to me, but in a superior, patronizing way.

Some fell to patronizing him, some to advising him, and some to sneering at the hubbub he was making.

He was referring, of course, to his having branched out into patronizing the Arts.

"She won't be patronizing Elinor after this," thought Patricia with a chuckle.

I must do it again and more modestly; not be so patronizing.

But Dolores was not moved from her patronizing self-possession.

"I think there is more in him than we know," said Rumple in a patronizing tone.

Those who are patronizing are that way because they are so to everybody.

She was getting impatient of their patronizing laughter, as if she were a child.