Patrons [noun]

Definition of Patrons:

person who supports a cause

Synonyms of Patrons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patrons:

Sentence/Example of Patrons:

Female performers are frequently expected to drink with the patrons.

He had shown more interest than other patrons in pressing Casanova's suit.

Fade at the Persian's foot, You that, our patrons were pledged, should never adorn a slave!

Let us first approach the river-gods, or patrons of the flux.

The patrons lined up, keeping their faces toward the bandit.

They want to please and to excel, and to number you among their patrons for the future.

What if I burst through this slavery of patrons and chairmen and boards?

He had bought Long's first picture in the Salon and had procured him patrons.

I refer to the rights of the Committee, or the Trustees, or Patrons, in the control of the school.

The teacher is the agent; the patrons, represented in these several ways, are the principals.