Patsy [noun]

Definition of Patsy:

fall guy

Synonyms of Patsy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patsy:


Sentence/Example of Patsy:

He was about to kill me with Patsy's hunting-knife when—when—when I shot him.

Patsy opened her eyes and found herself in a room full of dogs.

A woman ran out of the lodge, screaming "Patsy, Patsy; where are you, Patsy?"

My only sister was Patsy and she was borned after slavery and died at Wagoner, Oklahoma.

And Patsy saw him and heard him, for she was awake then, and far into the night.

Patsy was too lost to the world to understand anything or to help.

Why don't you say at once you suspect me—old Patsy and myself?

Patsy's heavy tread echoed on the bare boards of the verandah.

Patsy mumbled an inaudible reply as he stooped over the table.

Patsy had vanished; Mrs. Burke watched him from the shadow at the side of the window.