Patter [noun]

Definition of Patter:

light walk; soft beat

Synonyms of Patter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patter:

Sentence/Example of Patter:

There was a patter of feet from the sitting-room and Barbara came running, Petunia in her arms.

But the rest of us have caught the patter and it makes us 'feel good'.

He fancied from the patter on the shingle roof, that it was raining outside.

The patter of feet in the hall and a knock at the door startled him.

I could make ten dollars a patter if I could do it as natural as you do.

"I see you have acquired all the 'patter,'" remarked Miller.

And now the patter of running feet sounded from the pavement below.

I must put some patter in, like Mr. Thompson always used to do.

Some animal kept rustling and pattering, but I let it rustle and patter.

"I'm coming," came the clear voice in reply, and a patter of light feet.