Patterned [verb]

Definition of Patterned:

copy, imitate; decorate

Synonyms of Patterned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patterned:

Sentence/Example of Patterned:

It was a patterned, an inculcated, a stage-directed fixed idea.

They became to their pupils ideals of manhood worthy to be patterned after.

We patterned it to fit the evolution of the three thousand worlds.

A nation is, more or less, patterned after its prominent men.

The government of earth was patterned after the kingdom on high.

The counties themselves were patterned after the English counties.

Her sleeves were very large and patterned with strings of pearls.

But all the new kinds of lamps were patterned after the Argand.

Some of the passenger coaches are patterned after the American cars.

Say what you will, the family is apt to be patterned after the government.