Paunch [noun]

Definition of Paunch:

large stomach

Synonyms of Paunch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paunch:

Sentence/Example of Paunch:

I dared not retort, but I looked so hard at his paunch that the General smiled.

He was getting something of a paunch, and sorrow had no effect on it.

If it hit en in the paunch, it's 'not out' and the fella must have suffered.

Would not it be a good thing to make a good clean incision in that paunch.

A merchant, like the other merchants, and his paunch is also that of the real merchant.

The paunch, in such an animal, will hold from fifteen to eighteen gallons.

It is generally in the paunch that these hair-balls are found.

The vermin born of those eggs have perforated the victim's paunch.

And a wolf coming by swallowed the paunch and Thumbkin with it.

Panzer, a cuirass, is etymologically a pauncher, or defence for the paunch.