Paunchy [adjective]

Definition of Paunchy:

very overweight

Synonyms of Paunchy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paunchy:

Sentence/Example of Paunchy:

Should a paunchy waddler of this sort wreck at once his pride and his car?

"Most unfortunate," sighed heavy-set, paunchy Martin Gest, gnawing his lip.

McKee was bald, paunchy, middle-aged, his face loose from easy living.

His face was rather fat and roundish; his build powerful but paunchy.

"How are you, Paunchy Pilate," said I, gettin' off a joak at his expense.

A style like this resembles a paunchy man who can be relied on not to pick the daisies.

He is an undersized, paunchy East German, with hair the color of wet hay, and an extremely pallid complexion.

In a land berth, growing fat and paunchy, and eating his heart out for the sea, or—— The sea got him one way or another!

The reporter, a paunchy, balding man, scribbled furiously in his notebook.

Timothy Sweeny had come down from his shop and stood in the background, a paunchy, flabby figure of a man, with keen beady eyes.