Pave [verb]

Definition of Pave:

cover with asphalt, concrete

Synonyms of Pave:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pave:

Dig up


Sentence/Example of Pave:

It is your part to pave the way for this deception; mine to maintain it.

These are accomplishments which one and all will pave the way to make contempt impossible.

Above their heads screamed the shells which were to pave the way for their advance.

It was not—but why should I go on saying what it was not to pave the way to saying what it was?

We often see that evil succeeds by using that to pave the way.

I wish you to go to her, and pave the way for a visit from me.

The streets do not run with milk; nor in the spring-time do they pave them with fresh eggs.

She would stop near Aunt Emily, and pave the way for an apology.

You gather gold:—will you make your house-roofs of it, or pave your streets with it?

Or shall I have a quiet chat with her first, and pave the way, so to speak?