Paved [verb]

Definition of Paved:

cover with asphalt, concrete

Synonyms of Paved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paved:

Dig up


Sentence/Example of Paved:

The streets of London, as he could well believe, were paved with gold.

He was of an acquisitive nature, was Charlie—and the road to his favor must be paved with gifts.

A great clang of the bell in the paved court fell upon our ears.

The streets of the towns were narrow, but were often paved with a sort of cement.

There was a noise of rather shuffling footsteps on the paved floor of the room.

It had three small rooms, with low ceilings and paved floors.

They reached the front of the house, and stood in a paved court-yard.

The alley opened into a small, narrow yard, paved with ashes from the gas-works.

I was awakened by the noise of the wheels over a paved street.

Steep hillsides are paved with cobblestones instead of asphalt.